Associacao de Assistencia a Meninos e Meninas de Olinda---AMO

Address: Rua Ana Rita 60, Bairro de Rio Doce, Olinda, Pernambuco, CEP: 53-040-090
Contact Person: Elaine Rangel Nadler Mororo
Telephone: (55) (81) 3492-8692; (55) (81) 9969-2863
E-Mail: ;

Status: Brazilian NGO; Utilidade Publica (charitable organization) of the Municipality of Olinda and State of Pernambuco
Registration Number: CNPJ: 35617018/0001-11
Web sites: ;

The Olinda Children’s Association---TOCA

Address: 5011 Smith Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5G 2W6
Contact Person: Bob Bussanich
Telephone: 604-436-0635

Status: Registered Canadian Charity; British Columbia Society
Registration Numbers: 875 224 214 RC 0001; 875 224 214 RM 0001; 875 224 214 RR 0001
Web sites: ; ; ; ; (Rua Ana Rita 60, Olinda, Brazil)




Founded in April, 1991, by a group of education and health professionals, AMO is a non-government organization preoccupied with the precarious situation and vulnerability of the children in the community of Rio Doce, Olinda, in the infamous North-East of Brazil.

The founders of the AMO School wanted to give these children an alternative to loitering and working on the street by providing them with special activities in a school setting which would cater to their identified needs:

  • a need for sufficient food to supplement food at home
  • a need to be literate at the Grade One level upon leaving the AMO School
  • a need to have self-esteem and self-worth
  • a need to obtain skills of sharing, co-operating and being respectful
  • a need to obtain skills to cope with the violence in society
  • a need for improvement of the family income and housing
  • a need to learn income-generating skills for making cultural items to sell in the market
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